Wednesday, January 17, 2018


After many American brands having delocalized their production to China it was only a matter of time to see Chinese producing high quality boats but it comes as a surprise that the first Chinese brand that is producing high quality boats is one specialized in racing and cruiser-racer sailboats.

It is not a new brand, it has already produced several racers, among them a carbon one, a smaller cruiser racer, the Fareast 26 and even a 36ft cruising cat (a daysailer). The new 37 seems to be the most ambitious project and the first one that points for a true dual purpose monohull.

I have met some of the shipyard top management at Dusseldorf some years ago and they were incredibly young and motivated. I was impressed and if I were an investor I would believe them to be a sound investment. They have the energy, the motivation, the know how, are associated with a good naval cabinet and have some of the world's most inexpensive production costs.

The Fareast 37 will be a very fast sailboat with a good cruising interior. The boat is designed by Simonis & Voogd Yacht Design, built using vacuum infusion techniques, it has a high B/D ratio (2.25m draft) it is light (4400kg), moderately beamy (3.66m) and the hull looks great, not far away from the one of the JPK 1080.

They say that the boat will cost 140 000 USD without VAT, probably in China. Hard to say how much it will cost delivered in US or in Europe. They will be in Dusseldorf. More information later.

This is the smaller brother, the 28R:


  1. laid over an aluminum mold ? Gimmick ? Marketing edge?
    What do you think?

    1. It is at least intriguing. Aluminium as a mold for fiberglass it is a 1st rate choice since fiberglass does not adhere to aluminium. It is used by car manufactures and big production makers since you can use it for more time than other types of molds and it is easier to work with.

      It is not used by all because it is expensive to produce. How the hell they are going to rentabilize it I have no idea, maybe they have easy access to the industrial facilities needed to produce one. Maybe they think that the boat is going to sell more than the 28R, even if I doubt that (the 28R is a big sales success).