Monday, January 26, 2015


The 25 was the first Dragonfly so a new 25 means something, this was supposed to be a very special boat and it is in fact a more modern design but I think they could have gone further. The floaters are beautiful with a lot of buoyancy (160%) but the central hull could be nicer (in what regards that the new Corsair daysailer seems nicer to me).
A very nice boat with an interior suitable for short range coastal cruising and certainly a good racer, a very fast sailing boat for sure. They have already sold 5 boats that should cost about 69 000 euros (without VAT) with a 5hp outboard and sails.
They say about the boat:

"Both versions will have the same offcenter Kickup centerboard in the mainhull, to create more space inside the boat and the centerboard casing is hidden inside and under the port sofa seat in the center cabin. Both rudder systems will also be able to kickup.

The standardboat will have a 10.50 m Aluminium rotating mast and the Sport version will have a 11.80 m rotating Carbon mast.
The floatdesign is in a total new design and construction, still asymmetric shapes to get better hydrodynamic lift and also to get more buoyancy in the right place. The floats are in new and better hydrodynamic design, so the floats will be more fun to push harder and will have better waterflow. 
The floats will have 160% volume, and will be the highest volume floats we have yet ever made in our designs. This means the boat can actually easy fly the centerhull, not that this is the purpose, as the boat will be fastest when the centerhull is just airborne, but it will give more safety as also the floats are actually 30 cm longer forward of the centerhull to give more diagonal safety and stability."

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