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I am talking about the Advanced yachts 44 and the "sexiest one" was just my opinion that I posted some months back here:

Off course, I did not have sailed the boat (unfortunately) and what I said was only based on the yacht design, technical characteristics and my knowledge about sailboat design but it seems that my assessment was correct and what 11 boat testers from 11 different countries said about the boat was not less enthusiastic than what I wrote on that post. The boat won the 2015 boat of the year contest on the category of special yachts and the comments the diverse test sailors made about the boat (sailed on demanding conditions) deserve to be read:

Yachting World, UK: ..wild and different. The Advanced 44 lives up to her name by being the most contemporary monohull of 2014, and one that puts sailing pleasure above any trivialities like practicality and cost. And what a sensation she provides… the ride is stable, direct and super-responsive – this is a true supercar of the sea....A great job by Nauta Design and Roberto Biscontini, she has performance to match the style –and congratulations to Advanced for having the balls to do such a project! "

Fare Vela, ITA:“An extreme and expensive weekend fast sailer, which shows one of the best open-style hulls ever tested. We sailed the Advanced 44 in extreme conditions, not exactly her field, but she moved softly and powerfully in big and confused waves, as well as surfing for long periods in a very stable way, even when underpowered. Plus she has a very interesting interior concept".

 Voile and Voiliers, FR: “If a boat deserves this nomination, it is the A44. Yes it is much too big for a day cruiser, much too expensive for the average sailor and much too powerful for a crew of two. But its sailing ability upwind is nothing short of fantastic"...

Yacht.de, GER: “This disturbingly new yacht, which refuses to fit in any known market segment, elevates performance sailing to a new level. In cross-seas and fresh breeze she keeps her groove almost by herself, allowing fingertip steering and offering the finest feedback. Simply the best serial production big boat I have sailed to date. Its a Ferrari Enzo on the water: expensive, unreasonable, impractical – but oh so great.”

Marina.ch, SUI:  "Italian style at its best! With the Advanced 44, an experienced crew will win regattas. But this boat is also a luxury daycruiser and weekender too.”

Seilas, NOR: "A small big yacht – The Advanced 44 has a cockpit of a 60 footer, and can keep a 60 footer’s pace through the water. We did 15 knots downwind with a gennaker in 18 knots wind! The upwind performance was like a racer. The interior is open, modern and stylish. This is Italian craft at its best.”

YachtRevue, AUT: “The Advanced 44 is an individual design with extraordinary performance, smart styling, sophisticated deck-layout and a special atmosphere below deck.”

BadNyt, DEN: “A statement of what is to come to the keelboat market in the near future. It goes with the trend that weight is becoming essential for both the performance and in particular for the sensation of sailing.”

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  1. Since the day 1 was clear that the A44 is in a superior step over the competition.