Monday, January 12, 2015


One of the most improbable projects around designed by a trendy Architect  Greg Lynn that normally designs anything but boats in association with Courouble Design, a California Naval design firm, without experience in multihulls and with a short experience in fast monohulls.

I would not have looked at it twice if I had not looked at the guys that are behind them: HDS the French specialists in structural analysis, calculation and design....

So what does Lynn after all?: the conceptual project. I tried to find information about that but without success, I mean the boat program. I found something but it is in Latin! No kidding, here:

The shapes seem interesting if it will sail well or not it will be a bit as a mystery as its use. That's a racing boat? a performance cruising boat? One thing is certain I am curious about it and about its sailing potential. The boat is already on the water and it should not take long to know how it sails. Here's a video with the boat being towed.

DSC 6369 from Greg Lynn FORM on Vimeo.



    1. Thanks!!! Great video. It looks as good on the water as it looked on the drawing board ;-)