Thursday, January 8, 2015


And the good news is that we have a race not between two boats, as I feared, but between 4 boats. Surprisingly, at least for me, besides Stamm/Le Cam, Alex/Ribes there are two more competitive boats and teams. Not only Altadill/Munõz but Corbella/Marín are among the first. Corbella/Marín are leading at this moment. A Race that risked to be boring has been a very interesting one.
Also bad news, it seems to me that the boat of Riechers/Audigane is not able to follow the  leading group. They spent a lot of money and time trying to make it a competitive boat for the next Vendee Globe but it does not seem that they have managed.
A very nice movie about last edition and the crews on this one.

For following the race, a tracker with good weather information:

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