Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Qq images du départ en attendant le montage... by overlapprod

 As most certainly will know this is a Transat solo or duo race for amateur sailors (at least 40 years old) with sailboats below a given limit of IRC rating. Mostly small fast boats (31/36ft) with some bigger comparatively slower boats on the mix...lots of boats, over a hundred.
The second leg started 3 days ago and they have been sailing fast with 20/25K steady winds and that has been taking a toll on the boats: Two boats lost the mast, one ripped the main sail and another with one of the rudders broken.
You can follow the race on the tracker here:
And on the news, that unfortunately are only in French:
Some great movies from the first leg of the race (St Nazaire/Madeira or Barcelona/Madeira):


  1. Salut, ceci est a été post fantastique pour moi, je l'aime image entière sur le blog et ce que une information de la voile. Je suis impatient mises à jour de votre blog.

    1. Merci! C'est le dernier mois de croisiere pour moi e apres je reviendrai au blog. Je laisse passer ta publicité parce que tu as des bateaux interessants en charter et cette information peut etre utile pour ceux qui frequente mon blog.