Friday, January 16, 2015


I had posted about it on the old thread but I saw the movie again (BBC) and decided that it has to be here. It is one of the best sailing movies ever. I will post also a very interesting movie with Nick Ward and the one that saved him form Grimalkin. Nick published a book with the story. Curiously the skipper's son and also part of the Grimalkin's crew, Mattew Sheahan (then with 17) is a prominent tester and Journalist for Yachting World Magazine. After a life racing sailboats he likes a lot what he calls the "Pogo factor" and has been responsible, among the rather conservative British nautical press, for a fresh  new look regarding cruising boats directed influenced by the racing solo racers.
What happened on Grimalkin was controversial: some took a liferaft when they thought the boat was sinking but leaved two behind and that's the reason of the book title:"Left for dead":
Read also this interesting description of what happened:
"Sea Fever: For Those in Peril" - Fastnet Race Disaster, 1979 from Hidden Picture Productions on Vimeo.
And the Grimalkin...still races:

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