Saturday, January 3, 2015


This beauty, contrary to other KER, will be a relatively affordable boat: It is not a carbon one but an Eglass cored boat with aluminium spars standard (carbon option) and everything was made to bring the price down without compromising too much performance. The price without taxes will round 145 000 Euros.

It has a moderate beam hull (3.36m), a not very deep torpedo keel (2.00m), it will be relatively heavy (3750kg) and that means probably a very big B/D ratio that will be put at good use upwind by the typically Ker designed transom (without chines). A boat that will be more at ease in crewed racing than on solo or short crewed racing.

It has a powerful engine (30hp), an interior that allows offshore racing (3 double berths and a good galley) or even some spartan but certainly fast cruising.

The boat is manufactured by McConaghy in China and I bet it will be a success. There are already several commands. It is not only beautiful as it will be certainly fast and with a contained price: a great combination ;-)

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