Friday, February 27, 2015


This race is becoming a classic and it is really a shame the lousy site and the very poor race information. Much to be bettered regarding that. A race with a growing fleet with very interesting sailboats of all types competing. This year they had a top multihull trimaran, Phaedo 3, a Multi 70 that dominated the race. Phaedo used to be a much slower Gunboat 66 that used to be beaten easily by Paradox, a 63ft cruiser racer trimaran....not anymore, the new Phaedo showed of what is capable a top 70ft racing trimaran and made the Caribbean 600 in a record time well ahead of any other boat.

Phaedo³ at the start of the RORC Caribbean 600 from Ocean Images on Vimeo.

Outstanding performance of the new 88ft Rambler,much faster then the 63ft trimaran Paradox and than any of the 100ft racers, including Leopard.

Rambler Launch from New England Boatworks on Vimeo.

Great performance of the 100ft Luxury yacht Nomad (Finot/Conq) that come right after the big racing boats, ahead of a Volvo 70, beating by far all other Maxi cruising yachts. Great performance of the Ker 43 Otra vez, coming among the big boats (immediately ahead a Farr 60 and immediately behind a Volvo 60). Great performance of the Class 40 Tales II (first 40fter) coming just behind a Farr 72 and ahead of a Shipman 72. After the Shipman 72 another Class 40 beating two Volvo 60 and a Swan 60.
No Gunboats and almost no cats this year. Only a Moxi 61 that was not fast beeing beaten by the 40class racers (it took a shortcut at the end of the race).

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