Sunday, February 8, 2015


Congratulations to Jean-Pierre Kelbert (JPK), his boats dominated the race: The first two to arrive were JPK and on the 8 that arrived already 5 were JPK!!! He sailed himself on the first leg (Saint Nazaire to Madeira) the new JPK 10.80 to the victory. He did not sail the boat on the second leg and curiously the victory did not go neither to any of the two big rivals, the JPK 10.80 or the Sunfast 3600, probably the two fastest boats but to a JPK that had already entered the realm of legendary boats, winning all that was to be won, in real time and handicap, the JPK 10.10, first and second on this Transat.

The third boat to arrive was  a big surprise, a boat that I had always considered a very good offshore boat, an Elan 350, a boat from another league that showed that he can be as fast offshore as much more expensive boats. He arrived on the tails of the second JPK, crossing the line 9 minutes later.

The 4th was another legendary boat, a Sunfast 3200 that beat his new and more powerful brother, the new 3600 that arrived next followed very close by the new JPK 10.80 (1 hour 40m). Then two more JPK 10.10 closed the first 8 to arrive.
All the above were duo teams, the first Solo did not arrive yet but two boats are very close to the finish and away from all the others. If all goes right the first Solo boat will be a Jeanneau 3200 and the  2nd another JPK 10.10.
The big loser is Archambault, many times winner of this race with the A35 and with very good results with the A31....well, where are they? What happened? I am very surprised not to see them on the leading positions this year.

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