Monday, February 16, 2015


Maybe it is this year that this race gets the number of entries to make it a major one on the offshore solo/short crew racing scene. The idea is just great and it became even better: An affordable racing 40class boat for all, solo or duo crews and a circumnavigation race. Better because now, instead of multiple legs it is a circumnavigation with a single stop in Auckland. More interesting as a sporting event and also less expensive and less time consuming for the participants.
The 30 000nm race will start from Southampton in September 2015 and will finish in Portsmouth around March 2016. There are already 8 teams in and I am impressed with the American Dave Rearick that will race a Kiwi 40FC Class40. He is doing right now a solo circumnavigation on that boat....just for training for the big one LOL. Meet the guy, quite a character and ....not a young guy anymore. Cheers to him.

I am quite sure this is a great race, at least for the ones that are racing it...most of them have made more than one edition and keep coming back. This race has the potential to become a classic and I really hope that to happen: A non French major solo race, that would be interesting and would help to spread the concept of solo/short crew long range racing among other countries.

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  1. Dave had interesting things to say about meeting the challenge and how your response defines your experience at an intimate level