Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Two friends one with a Django 7.70 other with a First 33.7 decided to make a kind of test sail between the two boats. I know, not fair, the First is considerably bigger and an older design but even so I found interesting the video and the comments on You tube:
Not a great video too since both boats are not shown sailing side by side but the information is interesting: With very light winds the First 33.7 is faster upwind and points better. With 20/25k winds the Django is a bit faster and more responsive. Well I would like more information but that's the only thing they say :-)

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  1. IRC Rating of a Django 770 is 0.927.
    It's easier to do 12+ knots in a Django and it's much more forgiving.
    How many First 31.7 s go across the Atlantic or even round the world?