Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I like Azuree, not only one boat but its entire line. That's one of the brands that I cannot understand why they don't sell more boats. Maybe because they are Turkish? We had already talked about the 41 when it was on the design stage: 

It looked already great as a design and it seems that the real thing is as good as the design. The boat has barely touched the water and it is already boat of the year for the British magazine Sailing Today, that says about the Azuree 41:

"She has a stylish, modern Italian interior with bags of light, and crisp exterior lines by the celebrated Rob Humphreys. She has more ballast than her predecessors, but a lighter hull with carbon fibre reinforcing. In other words, the Azuree 41 is a delightful family cruiser with a real turn of pace when you want to turn it on."

The Azuree was also tested by Yachting world, by Toby Hodges, that finish the test calling it a "Turkish delight". I had a good laugh at that, Turkish delight are famous Turkish sweet cookies:-)

So what can I say more that I had not said already on the previous post? That the price, like on all Azurees, is great comparing with the quality that is offered? That the boat offers a stability and sail power that puts it on another league than main market mass production builders, that offer products at about the same price?

I hope to confirm the quality of the finish at the Dusseldorf boat show, but if it is as good as the one on the 46, then it will be certainly one of my favorite 40fters.


  1. Hi Paulo, if in possible, I will like to know your impressions about this boat that was exposed in Dusseldorf. Specially compared with Dehler 42, X4 and Salona 41.
    Thank you very much

  2. Hum, I would exclude the Salona 41 from that list. I have a friend waiting for a delivery of a Salona for two years with them always changing the delivery date. If they are not bankrupt they are almost at that point. They have a new 38ft boat and have not even the money to promote the boat going to Dusseldorf. A pity since Salonas are great sailing boats.

    The Dehler 42 and the Azuree 41 are two great boats with a hull with about the same beam but with a very different transom design, having the Azuree strong chines that limit heel. To know more about what that means have a look at the post with a comparison between the Azuree 46 and the Dehler 46. Much of what is said there is relevant to the comparison between the Azuree 41 and the Dehler 42.

    If you want a cruiser racer, intending to race with a crew now and then, probably the Dehler 42 is a better boat. If you want a fast performance cruiser and don't intend to race, than the Azuree is in my opinion a better boat and with a small crew will be as fast or faster than the Dehler on most points of sail. Both boats are well built.

    The X4 has a hull more similar to the one of the Dehler and the sailing characteristics of the two boats are not very different. The diference would relate more to the quality of the interior, that is good on the Dehler but excellent on the X4, with a gorgeous cozy design and to a superior building on the X yacht mainly in what regards boat structure. The price is also one of the main differences, being much superior on the X4.

    1. Thanks
      What are the bigger diferences in the building of them? Is similar?

    2. They all used cored hulls and decks but while Dehler seems to have balsa core on the deck the X4 and Azuree use foam. All of them use sandwich hulls with foam core using vacuum infusion techniques but while X4 uses epoxy resins, Azuree uses vinylester while Dehler seems to use polyester and vinylester resins.

      All use Eglass, Azuree and Dehler using carbon in some reinforcements on the keel boat structure while the X4 uses a massive steel galvanized structure.

      Regarding the Dehler they used to offer different materials with different costs regarding hull options. They have basically two versions, one that they call cruising and another they call race, that is just a better built and more expensive boat. Better get an up to date information because they had changed a lot on the last years in what regards hull build options, but be careful to whom you ask the information because most dealers know nothing about boat building. On the Dusseldorf boat show the dealer from Azuree said to me that the core material use on Azuree was solid PVC LOL.

    3. Good morning Paulo, it looks like a good boat. If you finally visited it in Dusseldorf, I would be grateful if you would comment on your impressions of the azure 41, once seen "live". Alex

    4. Hi Alex!

      Regarding the boat structure they had it visible through a plexiglass. Unusual keel bolt disposition, almost on a circle, instead of longitudinal way, with huge bolts, way bigger than for instance on a Bavaria vision 46.

      Regarding the interior it was well finished, particularly the wood grain continuity but I did not like the interior as much as the one on the 46. I didn't like those white cabinets neither the sliding way they open. A long way from the feeling of the interior of a X4, that has also a very different price tag.

      I liked more the interior of the Elan GT5. The rest of the boat seemed OK to me, with good holding bars on the saloon and good storage space and nice details..

  3. Good morning Paulo, I dont understand how can be the keel bolt disposition on a circle. Is not like the other boats, along the top side of the keel?. Alex

    1. A circle is a way of speaking. Normally keel bolts run in two parallel lines for a considerable distance, depending on boats. On the Azuree 41 not only the bolts see bigger than on most 40ft boats as that line is not so long and the distribution of the bolts laterally much bigger and if i can recall correctly, not parallel.

      On the whole it seems different but stronger and since most of the forces on the keel are lateral ones it makes kind of sense.