Monday, October 17, 2016


The X4 promised to be one of the most exciting boats of 2016 and I have no doubt it is a great cruiser, with an emphasis on sailing and safety due to the structural strongness and big stability, but after seeing photos of the boat interior, it looked a bit deceiving to me.

I am not sure if the interior is that different from the one of the XP line, in comfort and interior space. Besides that, if on the outside the look is modern, inside the lateral "windows" look and feel dated.

The interior is modern but it looks just "normal" and a bit small, nothing special and it should be special on a boat of that price. Don't take me wrong, I like the boat but I wonder if the price diference is justified regarding a boat like the Maxi 1200.

As expected the boat sails well, the cockpit layout is great and on the test, Toby Hodges, the sail tester from Yachting world, puts all the emphasis on the sail performance and feel, but also don't look much excited regarding the interior.

Certainly I will visit the boat at the Dusseldorf boat show and will reserve a final opinion regarding that interior but it seems to me that Grand Soleil is making a better job with its LC line (cruising line), with boats that sail well and are clearly differentiated (in interior space and interior feeling) from the ones from its performance line.

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