Thursday, October 20, 2016


Contrary to the X4 the X6 seems just about right to me as the almost perfect bluewater yacht for the sailors that like to cruise fast in a sporty but comfortable way, assuming they have the money for it ....and that is a lot of money but no more than boats with a similar quality.

The X4 seemed to me not really having many advantages regarding the Xp line, not having a substancial diference in space or comfort but that does not apply to the X6.

Big interior looking modern with lots of light and outside views, comfortable and practical with two long holding bars (that are absent in so many big boats), a huge galley with support for standing no matter the boat heeling, a huge tankage, with all the weight centered on the middle of the boat and a big garage.
The X6 features a very strong keel and shrouds steel support structure that contributes to makes it a very strong boat and allows it to have a relatively light weight.

The more conservative will say that the steering station is not protected and that is true but you cannot have it the two ways: maximum pleasure steering and a full protected wheel station. Clearly they opted here for sail pleasure.

 Anyway when the weather is not nice the boat would be sailed on autopilot and regarding that there are cover options that will cover all the cockpit living area, from where the boat would be steered on those occasions.

The more sportive versions will be handicapped by draft regarding small ports and small marinas but the shallow draft with 2.6m will be small enough to grant access to almost everywhere and I am sure the performance will only just be handicapped upwind, where a 3.4m will make a difference. But I bet that even with the shallower keel the performance will be good upwind.

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