Thursday, October 13, 2016


What is happening with structures and the Pogo 36? The drawings were released two years ago, the boat took an eternity to be built, is on the water for some time but the photos are very rare and no test sails yet? Don't seem normal to me, neither a good sales strategy. It didn't happen that way with other models. Anybody knows what's going on?

As it had seemed to me on the drawings, the hull design is beautiful but I find the boat too voluminous, specially on the forward sections and I don't find those frontal windows well designed. The ones on the JPK are much nicer.

Some no data regarding the stability has been published and the Pogo 36 will have a 126ºAVS with a keel down and 100º with a keel up. Those are good values for this type of boat, specially the one with a keel up. I would say that with weaker winds (or with reefed sails) one would not have a problem sailing the boat in swallow waters. No photos of the interior yet.

More information regarding this boat on previous posts and a nice movie about structure shipyard:


  1. Hi Paulo,

    Here is a short video from a bost test. Gives an Idea of the interior at least! //Thomas

  2. Hi Paulo,

    Yesterday i saw this nice video:

    Can you comment please?
    Greetings from Lisbon