Friday, October 14, 2016


3D_BP_IX por voile-magazine
Yes, the new maxi Banque Populaire is beautiful, with 104 for 75 ft, weighting only 14T with 890m2 of sail area, a huge foiling machine designed to fly over the oceans at over 30k. But that is not what is incredible. Incredible is what is going to be the first assignment of that huge trimaran: A solo non-stop circumnavigation!!!! Even knowing the talent of Armel le Cleash that is just incredible and never attempted on a trimaran of this size, even more a flying one. The boat is already being built.

Armel come from the Open 60's, 2th on the last Vendee Globe. we will be the favorite for this year's Vendee:
 And after that he is going to concentrate on this circumnavigation multihull. What a sailor, mono and multihull alike!!! Look at him smashing a record on the "old" Banque Populaire and imagine what it would be doing that for several months non stop!

Maxi Banque Populaire VII - Armel Le Cléac'h... por VoileBanquePop
He may well be the first sailor to manage to hold the two bigger records, the ones of a solo circumnavigation on a monohull and on a multihull. I bet he will have a big competitor regarding that huge achievement: François Gabart, the winner of the last Vendee.

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