Sunday, October 30, 2016


Diva is a brand of high quality Swedish boats that used to have some of the best handcraft interiors I ever saw. Unfortunately that went also with a conservative outlook in boat design, not too much but enough to make them not very interesting under all other points except interior design and  quality.

That changed with the Diva 34SC that is a gorgeous looking design, modern in all aspects, including interior design. I just hope that the "old" interior quality will be maintained, now on a very modern and functional layout with a very contemporary look.

The boat numbers are also very interesting. The Diva 34 has a very moderate beam (3.48m) is light (4550kg) and has a lot of ballast on a high efficient torpedo keel (36% B/D) and it is built using expensive techniques used in race boats to allow it to be light and strong. The hull is infused in one only shoot that includes all boat and keel structure, like for instance the JPK.

All looks great except the water tankage that is reduced to 100L, too low for any cruising out of week end rides, or going from one marina to another. A pity since the interior looks adequate for more substancial cruising, Maybe they can offer it with another suplementar tank of the same size.

The Diva 34SC can be offered with two wheels or with a tiller. The two wheel set up does not make any sense since all the rigging and winch location was thought for a tiller set up.

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