Saturday, October 22, 2016


Another test, this one with beautiful images, that concludes that the Maxi 1200 is a great boat and very good value for the money...and yet the boat is not a sales success. I find that ironic since this boat is all that many sailboat forum posters are demanding: less beamier, fast, well built, with a superior quality interior at a very nice price...and they seem not be buying it!!! LOL. 

The reason this boat is not a success is because what most cruisers look for in a first place on a sailboat is the biggest interior they can afford for a price and that is not what they got with the maxi 1200.

Having talked, over the last years, with many cruisers that do 1000's of miles on each season and live several months on a sailboat (and those are a minority among cruisers) I reached the conclusion that most use the boat as a mean of transport and as a house, being sailing ability in itself and sailing pleasure a very small part of what they search on a a sailingboat. That explains the little success of the Maxi 1200. 

That and for the ones that like sailing, the absence of a traveler, that ironically a professional racer that tested the Maxi 1200 says it is a good compromise. The boat features a central two way electric winch just below the boom, allowing for high tension on the leash and the reverse function on the electric allows to spill wind quickly. Being the winch very close to the helm it makes easy a bigger ‘dump’ if needed. In fact, sailing solo, more easier than on most cruiser racers, where the traveler is on the other side of the steering wheel and you have to move around to let it go.
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  1. My God , this boat looks phenomenal for under 200 boat dollars , love this modern hull and traditional lines , marketing is to blame for not being a great success . One concern is a resale value perhaps? I would remove that nifty electric winch and install proper traveler and drop price in options .

  2. They have been making a good marketing and the boat was test sailed by many boat magazines. It is just that it is not the type of boat cruisers want. They want a bigger interior, I suppose and don't care or don't know about the diference in quality.

    I have been on the boat and no way you can install a traveler. The rigging was studied to be very easy for a solo sailor and the central winch is one of the factors that makes it easy to sail.

    But as many had said this is a performance boat and the traveler makes not a big diference. There are other well known performance boats, like the Swan 60, that have opted by the same solution without degrading significantly the performance and making the boat control easier.