Tuesday, October 18, 2016


First Thomas then Tunes called my attention to the video above that was posted just some days ago. It is from a Danish sail magazine (B├ądNyt) and even if they call it a test, it is just a boat presentation but for the first time we can see the Pogo 36 interior. Tunes asked for some comments and here they are:

The interior seems  better than the one from the Pogo 10.50. More light coming from those almost frontal "windows" and the lateral storage space is also bigger, being now the full size of the saloon, but in what regards space and light effect it is a long way for what the first drawings. Look at the picture on the right.

Even if better it leaved me a bit disappointed, not only because the interior feeling is not the one given by the photos, but also because the frontal windows are not so frontal and their practicability in what regards looking forward is not that good. Look at the movie, min 5.55, when the skipper looks outside to see if there is no obstacles ahead and see the position he has to reach for doing that and you will understand what I mean.

Don't take me wrong, I am sure the Pogo 36 is a great boat, better than the 10.50 with whom it shares many similarities but I think that in what regards the cabin and the new design, it could have been better, not only in what regards practicability but also outside looks.

Regarding outside looks they made it worst because they did not followed the designer drawings in what regards paint scheme and made all deck and cabin the same color and that is a basic design mistake that make the boat look fatter than it really is. Just  look at the original paint scheme with differentiated colors on the deck and cabin and what happens when you use white everywhere.

The boat is being tested by Voile magazine on its annual big testing section (with the readers) to chose the magazine boat of the year, so soon we will have more information.


  1. Hi Paulo,

    Regarding the light effect, don't forget about video quality, the image is not good enough/professional.

  2. I don't think I would be fooled by that. That is really my professional area of expertise. Just looking at the drawing I could have told you that it was not a realistic one. On the movie I could saw that it was really worse than I thought. Even so better than on the Pogo 10.50, but not a bright job, I would say.