Saturday, February 14, 2015


By voile magazine, and one of the long ones, a 100nm test. The magazine is available on Zinio but I can advance that they only say good things. It was the twin keel version and it performed as expected and that means well. They gave some numbers: 15K wind 8K speed, 40º TRW 6.5K speed. Not a mean machine upwind but not bad, considering the twin keel setup. A boat for voyaging on the trade winds and certainly one of the best at that, size by size.
As usual on this type of very large transoms the engine performance was poor and the cruising speed is just 5.5K. Anyway this is a sailboat and the 80L of diesel tankage does not give it a big autonomy while on engine. 


  1. How is your hip? I hope better everyday.

    1. Yes, 20 days from the surgery and I fell a lot more confidence on my new "hardware". Doing physiotherapy and trying to get back the muscle on that leg, pissed because it is raining and that prevents me to walk outside. I am confident that in a month I would walk without aids.
      Thanks for asking:-)