Monday, February 23, 2015


Not really a new boat, just a MKII but one that took away the biggest defect from the previous boat: it was not properly nice, even if a great boat at a very good price. Now you have all the previous qualities in a much nicer sailboat with a big and customizable interior. If I was looking for a 33ft sailboat I would be looking hard at this one:

Azuree 33C: LET YOUR CREATIVITY SET SAIL from Azuree Sailing on Vimeo.

The older model come out with bright colors from the last "Middle the sea race", raced on gale conditions. Many boats abandoned the race but the smaller of them all, the little Azuree 33, sailed only by a duo (one of them the NA) keep pushing and made a remarkable race.


  1. Hi Paulo - how do you think the Azuree 33C compares to the beneteau Oceanis 35 or 38? Performance wise, deck configuration, build quality, etc... Pricewise, seems like a significant difference. O35 is ~250K USD and the Azuree I believe you could purchase new for under 150K, but don't quote me - ive been told the company is eager to introduce to the states.

  2. The Azuree is better built than the Oceanis, using infusion vacuum assisted technology and a carbon reinforced structure. I don't believe you can buy one there for under 150K.
    They do not point for the same type of sailor: The Oceanis for the casual sailor that wants to have the biggest space for the money for cruising, the Azuree for the sailor that likes to have fun sailing, that would like to do well on club racing, specially if it is an Oceanic one and that wants to have a comfortable (and big) cruising interior.

    The Azuree is on the same market segment as Elan performance, Salona, Grand Soleil or Dehler (by the way there is an Elan 360, now they call it E5, that may interest you). Oceanis is on the same playground as Hanse, Bavaria, Dufour Grand Large or Jeanneau.