Tuesday, September 23, 2014

JPK 45

And this one comes as a complete surprise: We all know that JPK are great cruiser racers and winning boats specially in oceanic races and short crewed races. Some short years ago they had made a performance cruiser, the 38, a very fast boat more pointed to cruising and designed without any concession to handicap rules. Now, just after the 1080 (already a winner), they anounce another cruising boat and this time a big one pointed to bluewater cruising, with a cutter rig and all, the JPK 45:

For what I can see on the image and for what they say about the technical characteristics it looks more than good :-)

The design, as usually on the JPK, is from Jacques Valer and the boat will come with a rigid doghouse. With 13.50M, It will weight only 8500kg with a ballast of 3000kg!!!. That in a boat 4.50m of beam and a bulbed keel (probably a torpedo one) with a draft of 2.20M will make for a very STIFF and powerful boat. All that power will allow it to sail 113m2 of sail upwind with ease....and 113m2 of sail for 8500kg and a long waterline will make for a very fast boat, specially if designed by Valer. On the picture we can also see that it will have twin rudders. It will also have an option for a keel with variable draft (swing keel?) with 1.50/2.95M draft.

A Boreal on speed LOL. I love it!!!!

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