Wednesday, September 17, 2014


From France to Italy, from a very small yacht to a big one, the Vismara V80, celebrating the arrival of a new partner and fresh money to the shipyard. I should say a new owner since Alessandro Vismara will only hold 49%. The majority is on the hands of an holding that very adequately has the name: "Cose belle d'Italia" (I am not joking :-).

It is not only beautiful but fast (all carbon) with a luxurious interior, in a way zen can be luxurious in its purity and richness of materials.

The design team is the usual on the house team under Vismara direction but it seems that they had not managed to dissuade the first owner to have the dinghy on a proper dinghy garage and the first boat displays an huge dingy on deck contradicting the cleanliness of the yacht lines. I hope the next one will have a owner with better taste :-( 

For the technical details have a look here:

I love the torpedo winged keel ;-)

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