Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Things are going to be very interesting on the Mini races, particularly with the series boats (production minis). The new Pogo 3 would probably have dominated the podiums....except that surprisingly Archambault decided to make a Series mini, a production one and the boat is the well known Sam Manuard design that is one of the best on the protos.

Of course it will not have a canting keel and some limitations regarding materials or length of the mast will be enforced but that hull is a very fast one, not to mention that the boat is beautiful. So, good news to everybody (except perhaps for Pogo :-)

The racing is going to be even better and the competition will be very hard between Archambaults and Pogos, Sam Manuard versus Guillaume Verdier, two of the hottest solo racing boat designers. I cannot waite :-)

The boat is slightly less expensive than the Pogo and sells for a little less than 50 000 euros, including VAT (about 20%).

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