Monday, September 29, 2014

ITALIA 12.98

New 41fter from Italia yacht for 2015. I have to say I am partial about Italia yachts, I just love the boats. For me they represent, in a classic way, the ideal cruising boat : beautiful, practical, fast and classy, not to mention the high quality everywhere. For the ones that sail on the Med this boat makes a lot more sense than an Halberg Rassy or a Najad.

The design is from Matteo Polli /Italia Yacht Design Team and Maurizio Cossutti, the boat is light (7950kg) is built with the state of the art using sandwich cores of varied thickness  made with E glass and vinylester resins with carbon reinforcements ( there is a structural carbon frame that transmits to the hull the efforts of the keel and shrouds).

The YT 12.98 is classic looking but that does not mean old or technically outdated. The keel is a good example of the state of the art: "a performance “T” keel made with numerical control. .. The keel is enclosed by a casing made from fiberglass molds (using) numerical control."

The boat is relatively beamy (for an Italian design) with 4.19m of beam but it presents fine entries and a hull with the beam not all pulled aft as in most French designs. Probably a boat with good light air and upwind characteristics, specially if we consider that it carries upwind (with a jib) 103 m2 and downwind (with a gennaker) 197m2. my kind of boat ;-)

For the ones that don't know Italia yachts, a test sail and a movie by Yachting World on the big brother, the 13.98 (a beauty isn't it?):

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