Friday, September 5, 2014


According to one or another North American on the Sailnet "Interesting Sailboats" thread (now as dead as a dodo), these are no more than "pointed shoe boxes". I don't agree.

Hi Eric, what about your summer sailing? Looking at the video (nice one) it looks you are having fun ;-)

Who said that? Bob Perry? He said an Oceanis 38, also designed by Finot/Conq and with some similarities in what regards hull design, looked like a bloated tennis shoe :-)

The truth is that Sailnet is one of the most conservative boat forum around (to be nice) and the thread that I started with the same name as this Blog was really against the current but remember that you once were around that site  :-) Among hard conservatives and outdated boat designers you will find there also a substantial number of Americans interested in contemporary design, a minority but even so meaningful. By the way do you know that probably the majority of followers of this Blog are Americans? Probably a fair number of them followed the original interesting sailboat thread.

Regarding Pogos, this year I only saw one, a 12.50, in Kea, waiting as me and a Boreal 44, the bad weather and high winds to subside. The first one to leave was the Pogo, I leaved the next day (my wife really hates high winds and nasty waves) and the Boreal with a full crew staid there waiting for a better window so, I would say that the "pointed shoe box" is not only fast but is not afraid of bad weather LOL.

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  1. We had a rotten summer over here, Paulo. So we only spent 2x1 week on board, mostly in the sheltered Dutch inland waters. The video shows the 2 only sunny days...

    This qualification was posted by another North American but Perry liked it a lot. But of course not all of them are narrow minded, since soo many follow this blog :-).

    Best regards,