Monday, September 22, 2014


After a post about a big Vismara 80, a post about two other Vismara??? No, I am not on their pay roll LOL, but a lot of very interesting things are happening at Vismara:

After the gorgeous V47 in 2013 they are planning for 2015 an even more awesome boat, a sort of improved V47, but let's start with the V47, a cruiser racer, all carbon, capable of winning races but also a great cruiser with a very nice interior and a deck incorporating solar panels for energy autonomy, all in great style. Have a look:

Making a winning racer is difficult but making one that can cruise comfortably besides winning races is a lot more and it seems to me that Vismara has made the trick. The V47 weights only 10250kg  (a good percentage of it as ballast) has 131m2 of sail, a moderate beam (4.00m) but most of all it has this incredibly nice interior for such a fast boat:

The new Vismara Mills 62 (2015) looks even better and Mills stands for Mark Mills that will be designing the hull. Mark Mills is one of the most accomplished cruiser racer designers and many of his boats are winners, with particular reference to the recent Mini-Maxi Alegre, a very beautiful and fast boat. I would say that this one is at least as beautiful and probably with a bigger cruising potential. Look at drawings:

It is not only the nice interior that will make it a nice cruising boat (besides a racer) but the lifting keel that will allow a true racing draft (4.20M) with all the associated advantages and even so will allow for a reasonable cruising draft (for a fast 60fter), a draft of 2.95m.

Mark Mills says about the design: " This design builds on our successful racing yachts, starting with the research and design team and tools developed for the Mini-Maxi Alegre, and extending that to utilise the latest Volvo program RANS CFD. We have worked to optimise her to a Mediterranean weather profile with an offshore bias, reflecting the mix of racing that (it)... will do..

 After many design evolutions this has produced the exciting powerful hull shape which offers not only high performance but a striking modern look combining power, speed, and beauty.”
Yes, I cannot agree more in what regards looks!!!Also I have no doubts that it will be a very fast boat, particularly on the Med where upwind sailing performance is very important. This baby has a length of 19M and a beam of only 5.00M. That, the hull design, the big ballast at the end of 4.20M will make it a rocket upwind ;-)

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