Sunday, September 28, 2014


I have been talking about the huge increase of interest regarding solo/ short crew racing out of France. That interest reflects itself on the number of participants on the short crew/solo division of famous offshore crewed races and also on the number of inscriptions on the few solo races outside of France and the Silver Rudder race is a great example: The Danish race around the Funen Island (134NM) had 15 racers in 2012, 100 in 2013 and 200 this year.
Well, not all is well since it looks like that most of the racers did not get the more important point of a solo race... that is finishing it. The winds were weak and the fastest boat, a trimaran Dragonfly 28 had done it in 26hours 11minutes. Another boats that were among the fastest:  Dragonfly 35 in 39 h and 21 m, a J111 in  29h 11m, a IMX 40 in 30h 03m, a X332 in 38h 31m, a X99 in 38h 27m a Cheetah 30 in 38h 35m, a Seascape 27 in 30-10, another one in 38-45 a Broker 28 in 39-02, a Saphire 27 in 39-25 a J 80 in 41-46, a Pogo 2 Mini racer in 39-38 a Mini racer Nacira in 45-10 a Melges 24 in 46-04.

Cheers for the ones that with slower boats did not give up and finish the race: That's the spirit :-)

 The ones that took more time but made a lot better then the vast majority that had retired from the race: A little Seascape 18 in 49-18, a Granada 27 in 48-48, a Int 806 in 50-09, a Scanmar 33 in 48-44 a Rommel 33 in 49-21 and a Lagoon 380 in 47-05.

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