Tuesday, September 16, 2014


No, not these ones ....
As you all probably now the agony of Najad has been going on for some years now: They went bankrupt, were saved by a neighbor motorboat shipyard but that did not work out and the Swedish famous brand went bankrupt again. Then it was bought, quite unexpectedly by Swedestar, a small Swedish shipyard that makes beautiful fast boats in a classic way: Narrow, big B/D ratio, powerful and very fast upwind even if not as fast downwind.

In my opinion the problem that killed Najad was the big increase in size of the operation: They grew a lot from a small shipyard to a medium sized one and a mid sized one doing the kind of boats Najad produces takes a lot of risks. If they had maintained the shipyard with the size it had for many years I am quite sure they would have no problem in surviving.

Swedestar it seems to have understood that, had downsized the operation, moved back to the old small shipyard on the Orust Island and it will go back to produce exclusive sail boats to order. Meanwhile it seems that the SwedeStar will change their name and will be produced as Najad. Najad will have two lines: Luxury cruisers, heavy and not very fast and performance cruisers, the ones that today are the SwedeStar. To remind you of what I am talking about (SwedeStar), nothing like some nice tests (movies) with the SwedeStar, a great cruiser for the ones that like to blast upwind have a classic taste and like to sail comfortably but fast (I like them a lot).

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