Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Just about one month to the big solo Transat with 90 skippers on the departing line. 90? it does not look much, compared with the last solo race I posted about, the SilverRudder with 200!!! Well if you are French you know the difference if not maybe you have never heard about it: When I say it is the big Transat you can believe me. They are only 90 but the best professional solo racers are all there and the fastest solo racing boats too.

There are some interesting news, like Pedote racing on a 40 class racer or the old Peyron having by miracle a very competitive sailboat at the last minute (due to the bad luck of Le Cleac'h that hurt an arm).

This time I count to be at Saint Malo to see the guys sailing away and have a good look to all those wonderful sailboats. I will talk more about that when the race start is closer and I will be following that race here, after all we have to wait 4 years to have the pleasure of enjoying it.

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