Wednesday, October 1, 2014


That is a beautiful yacht! In fact the smaller Faurby 424 was on my short list of boats that I would consider having when I choose my actual boat. I like Faurbys ;-)

 I know, it is a very different boat from the Comet 41s but what can I say, I like different types of boats, providing they are not slow and the Faurby, not having the performance of a true top cruiser racer, are very fast cruisers, specially upwind where their narrow hulls allow not only speed but also a comfortable sea motion. 

They need less sail to go fast than a beamier boat. Of course, I am not even talking about one of the nicer characteristics: The interiors. They are so perfect, so well made, give you such a nice ambiance that you forget that you are inside a narrow boat with less space than a beamier one with the same length. 

 The 460 is a typical Faurby: Light (8500kg) with a big ballast (3600kg), a considerable draft that can go from 2.0m to 2.75m and a narrow beam (3.90m). The sail area upwind is considerable (109m2 with a Jib) and downwind (with a gennaker) 242m2. I bet it is fast ;-) This one is lso designed with a rigging specially adapted for solo or short crew sailing, but, contrary to most french cruisers this one offers 6 winches, four at the reach of the helmsman. 

The Faurbys are made in a small familiar Danish shipyard and this one is designed by a well known Danish NA, Lars T. Olsen. I like the boat...if I have to make any negative comment I would say that I would have preferred a slightly smaller freeboard...but these days it seems that clients want always huge freeboards to accommodate a big interior height, more than it is necessary, in my opinion, making the boats uglier on their profile and the builders have to go along the trend if they want to sell the boats.

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