Monday, October 20, 2014


and I can only get two lousy photos :-( Somebody should fire the commercial director of Advanced yachts :-). The boat was presented on the Genoa boat show some weeks ago, more than time to have a photo release. 

One of the photos is this beautiful lounge interior, one that make the one from the Oceanis 38 to look poor and the other one is this view from the wheel station:My wife would love that: enough space to have some proper deck chairs while on anchor :-) But that is not what makes it sexy, just what makes wives liking this boat, what makes it sexy is the unashamed beauty of the hull, the low freeboard, the low cabin and the overall design that screams: SPEED and STYLE.

Yes, a speed dragster with a race boat performance with a cute and functional interior plus a comfortable deck (look at those seats) for the wive and guests, separated from the sailing area where the lucky husband will have all controls and winches at easy reach from the wheel.

Some would not like it but I am sure the boat has all the electronic, hydraulic and mechanical help that can be provided to a solo sailor, that means, lots of buttons, that will allow a couple or a solo sailor to tame and sail this beautiful beast comfortably.
As almost all modern top designs it is the work of a team: General concept from Advanced Yachts; NA from Biscontini Yacht design, the Structural Engineering from SP Gurit and the interior and exterior design by Nauta design. The boat is built in sandwich with fiberglass and carbon reinforcements under vacuum epoxy resin and reinforcements in high fatigue areas.

The technical characteristics are just awesome:
Overall Length: 13.46 m ;Waterline Length: 12.70 m; Max Beam: 4.25 m; Draft: 3.00 m Displacement: 7,100 kg (light); Ballast: 2,700 kg; SA: Main 74m2, Genoa (106%) 51m2, Gennaker178 m2.

4.25m of beam is not much for a 44fter (the Pogo 12.50 has 4.50m) but enough to give it a lot of form stability, specially given the shape of the transom, designed to control heeling and limit roll making sailing easier and more comfortable. The RM provided by the ballast is just huge: a 38% of D/B ratio on a sharp torpedo keel at 3.00m deep? That (and the hull stability) will provide an enormous stiffness and power to this sailboat and allows a big sail area: 125m2 upwind for 7100kg of weight, that is racing boat territory.
Well, if the lottery comes my way I would want a swing keel on that boat (a lifting keel would be better but probably would spoil the interior or maybe not since I only need it to go 0.70cm up) but that's just a detail, nothing that money would not buy or that design team would not be able to solve.

What a sailing boat!!!:-)


  1. Nice boat. But take a look at this one, a 100-foot carbon monster from the design offices of Verdier and VPLP -
    See more at:


    1. The Comanche...I am waiting for the first decent movie to make a post about it. Certainly it is a monster of power but I don't find it sexy, I mean very beautiful. Too much beam for my taste. Many things have been said about its performance, that it will be unbeatable and bla bla bla. On downwind races I believe it will be difficult to beat but on the Med I would have many doubts that it will be faster than the actual chronic winner, the already old Esimit Europa 2

  2. Uh... galley? Seriously - I realize this isn't exactly a world cruiser - but I've been more functional galley space in a Pogo2 minitransat!

    Looks like a gorgeous boat, but man - somebody doesn't like to actually cook! ;-)

  3. I don't now if you noticed but this boat is a daysailer, week end cruiser and therefore it has the galley typical of those boats and that means minimal.