Saturday, October 11, 2014


Almost ready to launch this gorgeous cruiser that will be presented in the Dusseldorf boat show:

The cruising boat production on the last years has been marked by the increase of the freeboard and interior space giving place to a domination of what my wife calls "fat boats". I think fat boats are an appropriated description for most of them, I mean they certainly would look and sail better if subjected to a diet that would bring their lines to elegance (this has nothing to do with beam).

Certainly not in need of any diet, the new Solaris 50, a Soto Acebal design, a NA that designs always elegant boats and with 160m2 of sail upwind to 14200Kg of weight, it will be fast too and hugely powerful. The boat with a torpedo keel with 2.8m of draft will have a B/D ratio of 34.5%. Join to that the hull form stability of a moderated beam (4.55m) and we will have a very stiff boat. The boat can also come with less draft (2.6 and 2.35m) but that means more weight in form of ballast and a bigger B/D ratio to provide a similar RM.

I bet some of you are saying that is a racer or a cruiser racer. Well, it would not make bad figure in a race but it is not certainly designed with racing in mind but for cruising, I mean for the cruiser that does not only enjoy cruising but also enjoy sailing. Sailing pleasure demands a fast and enjoyable boat to sail and I am sure this one will be all that.

Regarding cruising, this boat has a garage that will take a full inflated dinghy inside. Not many 50fters can do this and I just love it. Any beautiful boat with a dinghy on deck will not look so beautiful anymore. Sure you can use davits but only on a really big yacht they will look good and not as good as no davits at all :-) Another interesting point is the huge sail locker at the bow. Not much sense in having lot's of cabins if some are just to store sails. Also the tankage is very considerable on the standard version and that can be certainly increased if someone needs it: 500L of water 350L of fuel. Finally, we can see this boat is designed to be sailed solo or by a couple: Four winches, all on the back at the reach of the helmsman.

Not any negative points? Well maybe one, this boat will be expensive and it will not be at the reach of many. So what? Halberg Rassy and Najad are expensive too, by the same reasons (Solaris have high quality interiors and a top building) and this one will be a lot more fun to sail and to my eyes, much more beautiful and desirable to own.

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