Saturday, October 18, 2014


Remember this?

I find this adventure crazy but only a great sailor with a steel determination would be able to do it. Particularly the voyage from France to the United States was particularly stressing: 87 days, alone in his tiny 16ft boat made of a vulcanic composite, passing hunger and with problems on the autopilot!!!

 Compared to that the return, from the US to France was much easier, "just"46 days and 21 hours.  Harald Sedlacek passed about 134 days alone at sea on a tiny and incredibly uncomfortable boat...just to promote the brand Fipofix (vulcanic composite for boatbuilding) in the hope that Fipofix will build for him an Open 60 for the next Vendee Globe. I really hope they can do it because if someone deserves a boat for that race is this guy, even if it will have to learn how to sail it first :-). 

Certainly it will not be has hard as this made adventure. The 90 days of a Vendee Globe, on a big "comfortable" racer will be much easier than these 134 days on that minuscule boat and certainly a lot more fun!!!

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