Thursday, October 16, 2014


One of the problems of a growing blog, like this one with lots of information, is to find the one that is relevant to each one at a given moment. For that it is needed an effective Index, a way to find quickly the desired information or to see if there is something here about... or not.

Well, it's done, or better it is going to be done and I have already find out how. That's simple, now on top of the right bar on the blog you have a new item: Pages. You have two, one for the blog (Home) another for the index. To go to the index just click on Index. There you are going to have all the content (now only about half of the posts) divided by categories and linked directly to the posts.

On a second phase I will create two pages for the Index, one only for boats and other for all other subjects. The boats will be divided by different types. I hope this will allow this blog to be an effective source of information for the ones that like sailboats, allowing a good access to all information.

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