Tuesday, October 14, 2014


By the number of hits I know that there are a lot here interested on the Garcia Exploration 45, Jimmy Cornell's boat. I am sure it is a great boat, with the added experience of Jimmy Cornell, Berret & Racopeau and the "savoir faire" and experience of Garcia/Allures on aluminium voyage boats, it has to be good but I would not have it.

 It has for me a big defect, it is ugly, or if you prefer it is not a nice sailboat. Maybe 45ft was just too small for all that Jimmy wanted, maybe beauty is not one of the priorities on Jimmy list but the fact is that the boat has a too big freeboard for the length, the cabin, specially that bump on the back is too massive and the boat lacks elegance. I bet Berret & Racopeau felt a bit frustrated with the look of it.

Garcia Exploration 52
The new 52 is just a bit better, the same basic design but the superior length makes it look more right and less fat and massive. It also provides a decent cockpit space that on the 45 is really small, being almost all the space taken by the interior. The Garcia 52 looks better but I guess that the one where the design team had a free hand, in what respects looks and the balance between interior and exterior, was on the future 65 and that one looks not only right but absolutely gorgeous ;-)


  1. Where can I get information, photographs, drawings, and/or specifications on the Garcia 65? Thank you.

  2. The best way is asking the shipyard. They will be more than happy to send it to you...and after you can post it here :-)


    In meantime some nice photos of Boreal sailing in the Arctic: