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Some years ago when I saw the first designs of the 7.5 (Dieter Blank) I was not very impressed mainly with the transom design that seemed to me too sharp on the transition allowing not enough heel upwind. Well maybe I was right if we consider absolute performance but it will make the boat easier to sail solo or with a short crew and easier to explore by a non expert crew.

Anyway the photos and movies showing the boat sailing through the water gave no doubt: this is a very fast boat and one that will not be only at ease in lakes but also in semi protected waters and that transom works very well limiting heel and don't seem to limit much performance.

The hull is moderate in what regards beam (2.5m) that is like on the Seascape 27.The Saphire 27 with more 0.5m in lenght has the same beam and the Seascape 27 has more 0.4cm. The Life 7.5 has a deep swing keel (0.75/2.00) with a very high B/D ratio (47%). The Seascape 27 with a similar keel has only 42% and it is a very stiff boat.The Life 7.5 should be even stiffer and the sail power: HUGE.

The hull design is closer with the one from  Seascape than with the one from Saphire. Like the Seacape it has all beam pulled back, a swing keel and two rudders. Even considering that the boat is 0.5m shorter the weight is impressive, specially if we consider the superior B/D ratio : only 1000kg while the Saphire has 1300kg and the Seascape 1370kg. 

Regarding sail the Life 7.5 carries upwind 43m2 (Saphier 44m2, Seascape 48m2). A huge sail area on a lighter boat as a result of that impressive stiffness given not only by the hull form stability (that is maximized on this type of hull) and by that impressive B/D ratio, specially in a 25ft boat with 2.00m draft. Even if stiff such a big sail are should imply a great performance in light winds but the need to reef in medium winds.

Slightly smaller the boat shares the Saphire 27 and Seascape 27 program: Daysailing, weekend cruising and regatta program with some offshore capability. Between the three (money considerations apart) I would chose without hesitation the Life 7.5 by a simple reason: Gorgeous boat, beautifully made and with cracking details.

 But that's me, to whom beauty is important, and no doubt the Life 7.5 is a beautiful thing...with a snag. For keeping it beautiful you have to sail it without an engine, even an outboard because contrary to the other two this one has not a dedicated space to put an outboard inside the boat (on a well) and with an outboard stinking outside the Life 7.5 the beauty is gone.

In what regards that aspect the Seascape 27 wins easily since it is the one that can carry the bigger engine and have that way much more flexibility while cruising. That makes it the one that will be able to be at ease in more situations, the one with the wider program. But who says that beautiful things has to be practical? .... love is blind and I just love the Life 7.5 :-)

LIFE 7.5, it's in the details from Peter on Vimeo.

LIFE 75 2012 from Life Yachts Group AB on Vimeo.

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