Thursday, October 16, 2014


Catamarans are increasing its share on the cruising market and Bavaria, the 2th world builder made a move regarding its overall offer: Now they have cats in their group. They have bought the French company Nautitech.
Open 40
They will offer cats that are faster than the Lagoon, but not what we could call sportive cats (they don't have daggerboards and have a considerable freeboard), the type of cat that are pointed to the main market. The main market points to consumers that buy sailboats (including  cats) not mainly by their performances but mainly by what they offer in terms of interior space. Cats offer a cruising platform with several advantages: Much more space for length, more agreeable living space with views all around and a much larger cockpit space, no heel while sailing and less roll on an anchorage.

Open 40
Yes , of course, this type of cats has disadvantage in what regards pointing ability, comfort upwind with waves and even sail performance when compared with a performance cruiser but the ones that will buy it (and buy Bavaria and Oceanis) don't buy it for its sail performance but for what they offer as cruising potential and they offer a lot. Don't get me wrong, Nautitech offer also a decent sailing performance, specially downwind, plus the unbeatable living space of cats. The new model, the Open 40, signed by Marc Lombard, is a good example of what they can offer regarding space and sailing potential:

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