Thursday, October 30, 2014


Pogo 3 teaser - from Pogostructures on Vimeo.

The words are not mine but from Matthew Sheahan the responsible of Racing coverage and technical editor of Yachting world magazine. Matthew is not a kid or a young guy, like the ones that use to race these boats, but an old racer and he knows one or two things about racing boats: It's experience is huge and he tested and sailed many. Giving this background his enthusiasm by the new Pogo 3 is meaningful. He had never tried a mini racer and the least we can say is that he seems positivelly astonished. I have been pointing out the growing interest of the British regarding solo racers and fast cruisers derived from the solo racing boat concept, well, Matthew is certainly one of those that is discovering and appreciating the concept and making it popular also among British cruisers and racers.

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