Monday, October 27, 2014


Corsair is the more affordable brand of small cruising foldable trimarans and I love the concept, that is shared by Dragonfly: Fast solid boats that can fold their amas and enter a normal place in a marina. On most places multitudes pay 50% more than a monohull with the same size and given the prices of marinas that is very important. Also the folding amas and the light weight of the boats make them easy to be towed by a car and easier to transport.

 I like more Dragonly, by their better interior but the difference in price is very considerable and make the Corsair a very interesting small fast cruiser also with regatta potential. Unfortunately, even more than Dragonfly, the Corsair basic design has not been actualized in way to reflect the improvements in design that come fro the top racing scene, and they have been many. The boat just looks outdated, specially in the shape of its main hull.

And then Corsair comes out with Pulse 600 WOW!!! that one looks modern and I am sure it will be very effective. In terms of design it reflects all those developments. Just compare the two superior views and look how different are the hulls and just contemporary, sharp and modern the Pulse looks, specially when compared with the Cruze 970, that is a "new" boat.

Well, now it seems simple: Corsair has only to remake their cruising line following Pulse 600 basic design lines and I am quite sure that will give not only better and more beautiful boats as it will increase their sales. What are they waiting for ;-)?

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  1. Worst music ever for a sailing video. Made me want to stop watching.