Sunday, November 2, 2014


Well, on the other side of the world for me and the Europeans, for the Australians that follow this blog it is next door on New Zealand. You just have to see the videos of this and past editions to see that it's a great race and a great race is made with great boats and great sailors. This one has all of that. The race is not big and is raced between Auckland and Russel, the name: COASTAL CLASSIC

I know some of those boats, that normally have the designer's name: Elliott, Ross, Young, all fast boats but what pisses me is that they don't have a list of entries with the name of boats and the result list does only mention the rating so no fun in looking at the boats and trying to understand the designs that worked better on those conditions and why, I mean ratings apart. We cannot also know which of them are stripped out racers and performance cruisers. A pity but if you like as much as me to see nice boats sailing fast you are going to love these videos.
A 9.50 class racer
This one is caro a Botin designed 65 Caro racer cruiser, well much of a racer and a very fast boat:

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