Saturday, November 29, 2014


I have already talked about the new Grand Soleil 46 LC, that stands for long cruising, the first of a new line of boats. They will maintain the previous line, the GS, a more sportive one where they have a 46.

The GS line offers fast performance cruisers with great cruising interiors and certainly the 47 is a long range cruising boat but I understand Grand Soleil: They are on the business of selling boats and they have not sold many on the last years and they know that main market cruisers sell more than more expensive performance cruisers and that wives are normally determinant in what regards choosing a boat and wives look at boat interiors and care for little else. So this boat is about that, a bigger nicer interior and that means a beamier boat with a higher freeboard and probably a less expensive boat. For what I can see on the new movie the interior seems great and certainly will seduce a lot of wives ;-) being also a great interior for extensive living aboard with all comfort... and the new Grand Soleil will sail better than a Bavaria or a Beneteau, so, it can be the right choice regarding the family point of view.
But will sail worse than a Grand Soleil GS 47 and the 47 has already a great cruising interior even if slightly smaller than the one from the LC 46 that looks a bit nicer too. But if the interior of 46 seems nicer, on the outside it is the opposite, the 46 bigger freeboard makes it uglier . I would certainly try to convince my wive regarding having a 47 over the 46...but then there is the "small " question regarding price. Does anybody knows the price of the new LC46?

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