Friday, November 28, 2014


By and as usual they have made a nice movie:
The boats looks fast...but all that black on the interior seems to take a lot of light away and the interior seems too dark. Another point that leaves me with some doubts regards the bow buoyancy, certainly adequate for a racer but one that will make this one a wet cruiser. Look at the movie at minute 2.24: There are almost no waves but the boat seems to dig quite easily the bow in the waves and the water goes over the deck even on settled conditions. Of course I can be wrong ;-)

Some time ago I have compared the Dehler 46 with the Azuree 46:
Maybe after having looked at the Dehler it's interesting to look at the Azuree 46 again:

Compared with the Azuree 46 the Dehler looks a lot more....traditional? I don't know if the therm is the most appropriate, maybe more classic? Certainly the interior looks to have quality but the one from the Azuree looks a lot brighter. I have already been inside an Azuree 46 and I liked a lot the interior. I will reserve my opinion about the Dehler till I have the opportunity of seeing it at Dusseldorf.

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