Saturday, November 8, 2014


The Xc45 was the 2009 European boat of the year. I liked the boat as soon I saw it except for two small details, the interior that even high quality looked a bit dated and uncharacteristic and the weight that looked a bit high to me for a 45ft modern boat (13220kg) even in one maximized for cruising. That could be solved at least partially with a more modern designed keel and a bigger draft. The max draft is only 2.2m and that on a 45ft boat is not much. Depending on the area of cruising a 2.5m would seem more appropriate to me (as max draft) and would offer a bigger protection to the rudder.

The rudder is the most fragile part of the boat and it is a bad idea to have a rudder that is not a lot less deep than the keel, at least on the med when the boat goes to the quay backwards. In many small town ports the bottom rises sharply near the quay. What is the use of having a smaller draft if that way the first thing to hit the ground can be the rudder? Better to have a much deeper keel, compared with the rudder, to be sure that it is the keel that hits the bottom first. Hitting slowly a soft bottom with the keel is not a problem, now hitting the bottom with the rudder going backwards, even slowly, can be a big problem. I believe that, at least for the med, the boat would be better with a 2.5m draft and that, in conjunction with a more modern keel would make the boat about 1000kg lighter.

Regarding the hull even if it remains actual, maybe it would have some advantages to have the beam a bit more pulled back, a bit like the designer, Niels Jeppesen, has done on the new XP55.

Anyway this is a great cruising boat and the excellent sailing performances of all Xc45 that have crossed the Atlantic on the ARC proves that it is a very fast boat in cruising conditions, fast and beautiful. A bit on the classic side, but a boat that will age very well in what regards looks.

The good news is that the design of the new interior is great and at least judging by the pictures it looks much more cozy and modern. I liked a lot, now I like it even more ;-)
Looking at  these movies we can see a lot regarding how the boat sails and it sails remarkably well:  A great cruiser even with a short crew or solo.

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