Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Unfortunately I don't know anything about it except what we can see on the image, a Yacht of about 60ft (or over) that does not come on the line of any of the actual designs on the different comets series, featuring a more beamier hull with the beam pulled back . We can see also a different winch set up (easy for solo sailing) but most of all, instead of a traveler over the cockpit, one of those direct system, type black magic double swivel airblock for mainsheet on a boom style park avenue. It looks just great and show that something is changing in what regards design orientation on Comar. It looks like a Marc Lombard design, even if there are many that could have designed something similar, all great NAs, since this is a great design. If it is a Mrac Lombard one maybe there is a big swing keel on that hull ;-). I want to know more about this one and most of all if the aging sports series is going to soon be renovated with hulls like this one, with a rigging setup easy for solo sailing (and crewed racing too).

PS: Well, it was quick, I mean receiving information. Yes it is a Marc Lombard design, it is a  62ft yacht and the first one would be probably made in aluminium!!! but it can also be made in resin. Probably that means  Comar works in GRP, Carbon and now Aluminium. If that is the case that is a double surprise :-).

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