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Well, I refer the nomination because I had not mentioned it on the post about this year's contest (I will change it). Not really my fault since it was not on some of the lists. A bit odd too since it is a 2013 boat that only changed the name, from Mylius 15E25 to Mylius 50.

But who cares, this is a sexy one LOL and I like it a lot. This boat is a kind of a Ferrari with a  luxury sedan interior, quite an amazing (and expensive) sailboat, an all carbon one with a big draft.

 Regarding the big draft, there is no substitute for that in what regards performance, sure a swing keel is a much  better solution regarding a lower draft but nothing can beat a torpedo keel like this one in what regards drag and efficiency. A lifting keel would be the closest thing but on a Yacht of this size  it would intrude the interior, increasing weight and in what regards weight this is a minimalist boat...... but not in interior comfort. Besides a 3.00m draft is not a problem when sailing out of big tidal waters or some specific cruising grounds.
 I found that when I cruised for two weeks on a 41ft with a 2.70m draft. I thought that I would have some problem in what regards anchoring but no, I anchored on the same spots I used to anchor and that has not made any difference. But that was in Croatia and it does not apply to all cruising grounds.
To better understand what we are talking about let's compare the Mylius 50 with a First 50, a great and very fast performance cruising boat:

 Regarding beam, the First is a relatively narrow boat with 4.42m, the Mylius has the same beam; regarding LWL, the First has 13.26m, the Mylius 13.35m,. Till now nothing very different between the two even if the Mylius has the beam much more brought back....but in what regards weight the First 13780kg look huge if compared with the Mylius  9900kg (carbon boat) and in what regards ballast ratio the First 34.6% ( a considerable ratio for the draft and keel) can't compare with the 38.4% of the Mylius. That difference is much increased if we consider that the keels have a similar design but the one of Beneteau has a draft of 2.39m while the Mylius has 3.00m: then the difference in RM provided by the bigger ratio and the bigger draft is just  BIG!!!

The Mylius makes the F50 look like a slow boat. The Mylius is not only much lighter but also much more powerful and that means incomparably faster. That power is visible on the sail area each sailboat can carry. Even if  the First weights almost 3000kg more,  it carries upwind considerably less sail area (111m2 to 148m2,both boats with a jib): That is a HUGE difference. If the Mylius is a Ferrari, the First 50 is only a Golf GTI.

About the Mylius general concept:"Technical excellence and design, speed and comfort, experience and innovation, appearance and functionality, technology and style, a holistic view and care for detail are all values that give rise to Mylius boats. The result of a long and passionate process of research, design and construction, each Mylius boat is unique, beautiful, fast yet easy to sail, capable of offering the most in terms of navigation and life on board, be it on a pleasure cruise or a regatta, whether moored in port or in the open sea."

That seems obvious but these yachts seem so unusual, so passionate that I am curious about the people that are behind them. This is no usual shipyard, these guys are passionate for their work and we can see it on the end result. Who are they?

"Mylius was born in 2003 from a dream and the love for sailing of three men. Mario Sassi, Alberto Simeone and Mauro Montefusco always lived sailing as their big passion, since childhood; then, after various professional experiences in other sectors, they launched a completely new company, able to reflect their way of living and loving the sea. ...In 2007 the first Mylius 14E55 was launched, a fast cruiser-racer without sacrifices in terms of comfort, but winning high-level regattas – as the two Italian ORC Int’l Championships won by “Fra Diavolo” in 2009 and 2010."

Maybe that is what makes them different: They are not boat builders looking for a profit but people coming from different professional experiences sharing a passion for sailing and beautiful boats. The Architect (not NA) among them is Alberto Simeone that coordinates a team of naval architects, naval engineers and designers to give shape to their dreams. The sailingboat manufacturing world needed what they brought new: Passion and a notion of a sailboat as a work of art, perfection sailing, not only fast, but beautifully and with an interior that matches in design quality the sailingboat quality. The best of several worlds: top technology, top yacht naval architecture, top interior and exterior design, a work of art.

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