Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FC3 61 and FC3 53 by Finot/Conq

Two extraordinary one off by the famous pair of Naval Architects, fast performance cruisers having as hull base the ones of Open 60's solo racers.

The bigger one is already being built and the other is already commissioned. The FC3 61 was designed for an owner, a very experienced racing sailor, as a family cruising boat for a couple with a child. The program is long range cruising on a very fast, short handed boat. The boat will have 18.50m, it will be comfortable, with a quality interior but will remain as simple as possible to improve reliability and lower the weight. That explains the choice of a fixed keel.

The dimensions are not given, except the weight, that will be less than 14T but we can also see on the drawings that the boat will have a big draft and a big torpedo bulb. It has the traveler for the main on an arch, but contrary to their design on the Oceanis, it is situated aft on the cockpit, at the end of the boom, maximizing its efficiency.

The yacht will be made of carbon and will have a tailored interior to the owner wishes, with only three cabins and an elevated saloon/galley to allow outside views.

The FC3 53, equally based on Open solo racers seems even more interesting to me, featuring a swing keel (3.75/1.6m) and a big main traveler on the transom. I like more the design of the smaller boat that looks more elegant, particularly on the cabin design.

The FC3 53 was designed for an experienced sailor that wanted:"a fast cruising yacht, comfortable, safe, very easy to handle double-handed, and very stylish, both outside and inside". It will be a carbon made boat, very light (10.5T) with 1T of water ballast on each side, a big tankage, a dinghy garage and a nice interior.

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