Tuesday, December 16, 2014


and don't miss these two, from Yacht.de:

 So many beautiful sailboats gliding effortlessly in light wind, or bashing their way through difficult conditions, so many beautiful interiors that it is difficult not to be agreeably surprised with the overall quality. All types of boats seem to sail each year a little better than the last year and the interiors that were some years ago designed on the "house" are today designed by some of the best design cabinets.  More and more yachts are not designed by a single NA but by a team that he leads and includes many different specialists, from structural engineers, specialists in composites, specialists in VPP and CFD analysis rig and rigging specialists  and designers, and the added quality that team work brought to the boats looks and functionality is evident.

This year the testing took place in  Atlantic France (la Rochelle) and in Italy, in Santa Margherita. On most boats they had the chance to sail them in very light and medium wind, some even in strong wind.

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