Thursday, December 4, 2014


I am posting too much about this boat...that means that I am truly impressed and that's funny since this boat is only an improvement of the previous versions, but when you keep improving a very good boat, and that was made twice now, you reach almost perfection and that is what this boat looks to me: Perfect, more now that I could have a good look at the hull, on the movie and at the interior, on the photos. Can't wait to see the real thing at  Dusseldorf.
My wife, that loves the RM interiors, will want this one  and even if it is a slower boat than our Comet 41s, the boat is so cute that I will be tempted too (with a swing keel). Not very rational since the Comet is bigger, faster, has a bigger loading charge and has a bigger and better quality interior, but even so, the boat is so gorgeous that it is easy to fall in love and that means .... irrationality ;-)


  1. Actually Paulo, you may find more people are impressed with your write-ups in this range of boats.
    By reading comments and listening to what others have to say (voice of the customer) I would think we are all involved in attempting to acquire boats of this type. At least I am some day soon when I know I can sell my small keel boat racer and dream of a relaxing sunset in some unknown destination.

    1. Regarding dreaming look at these guys sailing a RM1050 back from Açores, sometimes with more than 30k wind: